The committees of Iran-Armenia Chamber of Commerce

1. Cultural Committee

The main task of this committee is to review the cultural relations between two countries, presenting proposals for the expansion of these relations, following up joint cultural news of Iran and Armenia, participating in different conferences and related cultural programs and to report above all mentioned tasks to the board of directors of the chamber of commerce.

2. Economic Committee

The responsibility of this committee is to investigate and study about business and economic news of both countries, to evaluate and consider the available potentials for expending the economic and trade relations. The committee is also responsible for planning and holding annual exhibitions in Iran and Armenia.

3. Industrial Committee

This commission has the authority to keep a close relationship with the craftsman and the manufacturers members of chamber of commerce and to provide them advices and solutions or improving the quality of production for exportation. The committee is also responsible for evaluating Armenia’s industrial potentials and proposing areas for mutual cooperation to chamber members and manufacturers on one hand, and Armenian industrialists on the other hand. The Industrial Committee is also responsible for informing and exchanging technological information to hold conferences and meetings.

4. Agricultural Committee

Taking an account the exportation of some agricultural products produced in Iran to Armenia and other Eurasian member countries, as well as the fields of agricultural cooperation with Armenia, this committee has the duty to examine the commonalities of the two countries and coordinate the point of view of agricultural activists. Due to the good potential of Armenia, especially in the field of domestic agricultural production and livestock breeding for meat production, this committee reviews and presents programs for improving the quantity and quality of cooperation between the two countries in this field.