Speech of the Board of Directors of Iran-Armenia Chamber of Commerce

Iran and Armenia have had a common history for centuries, and this closeness creates facilities in cultural, economic and political exchanges between the two countries. A glimpse on the statistics over the past decade, shows the increasing interest of the Iranian and Armenian people in promoting their mutual trades.

In addition to air tourism between the two countries, the road tourism is also mentionable. Each year, many Iranian people travel to Armenia, which most of them are family or group touristic travels. The natural beauties of Armenia, creates special attractiveness for Iranians, with the time, more Iranian choose Armenia to visit. This interest in tourism is mutual and Armenian people also like to travel to Iran. Moreover, Iran’s touristic attractions are a source for orienting Armenian tourists to Iran, focusing on which can increase the number of tourists.
The very interesting thing about the tourism relationship between Iran and Armenia is that the people of neither country don’t feel alienated when they travel to the other country, so these emotional relationships can strengthen the communication and establish more stable economic relations.

As a matter of fact, the interest in the exchange of goods between businessmen of the two countries is significantly increasing. The participation of Iranians in exhibitions held in Armenia or vice versa indicates the readiness of the two sides to expand economic ties, relying on the economic advantages the two sides can interchange in different fields.

Obviously, setting priorities and identifying areas of exchange requires further studies, but the evidence shows that the existence of mutual interests and benefits can pave difficult economic paths and approach the people of these two countries closer.

At present, in addition to participating in joint infrastructure projects, such as the third power transmission line project to Armenia, Iran and Armenia are working and deepening ties in dozens important economic and commercial projects. These collaborations are also expanding rapidly in the fields of agriculture, food, medicine and pharmaceuticals, construction, industry, banking, information technology, gold, jewelry, glass production, textiles, tourism and transportation.

Focusing on the capabilities of Eurasia agreement, and implementation of economic plans in new formats such as the Common Fund for Commodity Clearance and the Joint Investment Fund have opened new horizons for the expansion of economic and trade activities for the two countries.

Additionally, in the field of agriculture, there are wide horizons for bilateral exchanges, the possibility of cultivation in large scale lands in Armenia with suitable climate and environmental issues has been appreciated by many politicians and economists. In the current situation, new potentials and bright horizons can be utilized for the mutual progress and development of the two countries. The Board of Directors of the Iran-Armenia Chamber of Commerce is proud to be on the path to achieve economic, commercial and cultural goals and aspirations between the two countries.

In cultural affairs, the way of exchange is completely open. According to the statistics, the growing interest of Iranian students for studying in Armenia is to be underlined. Armenian universities, with a large variety of scientific and academic fields, can welcome Iranian students, especially because Iranian families have mental comfort in this regard. Of course, in the opposite direction, it is also possible but it needs still more preparation of the conditions.

The new board of directors of Iran-Armenia chamber of commerce, has started its activity when there were special conditions in terms of economic and political of Iran. Establishment of sanctions creates difficult conditions for economic activity in Iran which leads the use of Armenia’s capabilities as a corridor to access markets in the Eurasian region. As a result, the board of directors of the Iran-Armenia Chamber of Commerce has established the basis for the economic and commercial and cultural dynamism between the two countries and the presence of Iranian-Armenian in this chamber as members of the board provides special conditions for progressing in various matters and has provided special opportunities for the development of bilateral economic exchanges for both countries. In this regard, it is particularly important to rely on the restructuring of communication roads as well as the improvement of air communication services.

In the field of cultural and artistic exchanges, especially in the field of music, in the last two decades, it’s worthy to mention the travel of a large number of music groups to the opposite country. These programs, which have always been welcomed, are evolving.